Ayurveda Spa

A rejuvenating experience awaits you at our Ayurveda Spa where you will be assured of an ultimate feeling of well-being and pleasurable relaxation of body and mind.

Discover the wonderful benefits of time-honoured ancient Ayurveda treatments that use genuine herbal oils and natural ingredients.

Be pampered by gentle massages, Shirodhara (oil streaming), facial and herbal sauna treatments. You are sure to be enchanted by our aromatic flower baths and medicinal baths. Our fully qualified Ayurveda physician will do consultation, recommendation of diets, and prescription of medications and will direct all your treatments

Gentle, courteous and caring therapists will be attending to you. Also, they provide yoga and meditation instructions as part of a longer programme.

Experience pure bliss, serenity and freedom from stress at our Margosa Ayurveda Spa